2017 FIRST Robotics Competition Game - FIRST® STEAMWORKS

This year was our first FRC season! We competed at the Georgian College District Event and at the McMaster University District Event. We look forward to many great seasons ahead!


Pita was the robot we built and used during our 2016/2017 competition. Pita was built with a pickup system – to collect and deliver gears to their goal- as well as a climbing system to be used during the endgame.


Georgian College District Event

We attended our first ever competition at the Georgian College District Event on the weekend of March 24th – March 26. 

McMaster University District Event

We attended the McMaster University District Event on the weekend of April 7th – April 9th. At the start of the event we ran through some issues with our robot; an electrical issue here, a programming fault there. But by the end of the competition, we had overcome all these troubles and our robot, Pita, was competing wonderfully. Our dedication to not giving up in the face of trouble and on striving to bring a positive outlook to the competition won us the Judge’s Award. Additionally, our lead mentor Mr. Woods was nominated for the Woodie Flowers Award that recognizes mentors who lead, inspire, and empower using excellent communication skills. We had a wonderful time and look forward to our next season!